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The history of the city of Tacoma has been important to many people throughout the years since its establishment as a European-American settlement in the 1850’s. Writers with significant dedication and talent – people like Herbert Hunt, Winnifred Olsen and Murray Morgan – have labored long hours, recording the accounts and observations of Tacoma’s early residents, as well as capturing the oral histories of the native people who had called Tacoma home long before the city took shape. The Tacoma Historical Society has its roots in the work of these dedicated people.

The Society began to take shape as early as 1989, but was formally established in 1990. The Washington State Historical Society was planning to build a new facility on Pacific Ave. Tacoma historians and history buffs, realizing that Tacoma-centric artifacts would not figure prominently in plans for the new museum, formed the Society out of the need for a repository that would help Tacoma tell its story to visitors and future generations.

Broadway, Tacoma, Washington

Though the establishment of a Museum of Tacoma History has long been a goal for the Tacoma Historical Society, the organization focused mainly on educational opportunities during its early years. Monthly forums featured speakers who focused on a wide variety of topics – all in an effort to stir excitement in the community for the many stories that were yet untold about Tacoma – its  early years through the 20th century to present-day.

In 1993, the Society held its first “Historic Homes of Tacoma” tour as a fundraiser for the future museum. That event continues today, and earned over $12,000 in 2007. The tour enlists willing homeowners who open their homes to the visiting public for two days in May. Many who attend find inspiration for their own renovation and/or decorating projects.

Sailing, Tacoma, Washington

In 2006, the Society took a big step toward the establishment of the long-sought museum when they opened their Exhibit Center at 747 Broadway. The Exhibit Center features the 500 square-foot Allen C. Mason Exhibit Gallery and a gift shop with an excellent selection of books on the history of the city. Exhibits in the Gallery are featured for a few months at a time. Members of the Society are actively involved in planning, researching and curating the exhibits.

In 2007, Tacoma Historical Society hosted its premier live auction fundraiser. It was held at the Landmark Convention Center on St. Helens Ave. The theme was “Going, Going, SAVED!”, and featured Architect Jim Merritt, speaking on “Elks Temple: Past & Potential”. The auction items were all about Tacoma history – some were even authentic artifacts! This inaugural event earned the Society in excess of $13,000, which was used to pay facilities costs for the Exhibit Center.

In 2008, the Society took another step toward their goal. The first Director, Mary Bowlby, was hired in January. The Director works closely with the organization’s officers and its board to continue its strategic growth.

Regrettably, in late 2009 financial constraints led the board to eliminate the director’s position and close the Downtown Exhibit Center. However, the society reorganized the Cedar Street storage facility to serve as a Research Center, providing access to the Society’s large collection of bound newspapers.

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