Boats by Murray Morgan Bridge, Tacoma, Washington

Annie Wright Seminary,

Tacoma, Washington

Murray Morgan Bridge,

Tacoma, Washington

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Murray Morgan Bridge and Boats, Tacoma, WA


The Tacoma Historical Society’s MURRAY MORGAN AWARD recognizes individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to efforts to preserve and communicate local history. Murray C. Morgan (1916-2000) was an eminent Tacoma author, journalist, teacher and historian.

Michael S. Sullivan is the 2017 Murray Morgan Award recipient.

Past recipients of this award are:

Murray C. Morgan (1992)

Winnifred L. Olsen (1993)

Caroline Kellogg (1994)

Ottilie Markholt (1995)

Dr. Ronald E. Magden (1996)

Gary Fuller Reese (1997)

Cecelia Svinth Carpenter (1998)

Robert Tschida (1999)

Tacoma-Pierce County

Genealogical Society (2000)

Brian G. Kamens (2001)

Caroline Denyer Gallacci and

Ron Karabaich (2002)

Charlotte Medlock (2003)

Jim Fredrickson (2004)
Dorothy “Dode” Trip (2005)

Murray Morgan Bridge, Tacoma, WA

Marie Hayden (2006)

Ralph Decker (2007)

Karla Wakefield Stover (2008)

Roger Cushman Edwards (2009)

Paul R. Michaels (2010)

Deb Freedman (2011)

Thomas R. Stenger (2012)
Charles R. (Chuck) Fowler (2013)

Dr. Jerry V. Ramsey (2014)

C. Mark Smith (2015)
Russell H. Holter (2016)

Annie Wright Seminary, Tacoma, WA


Tacoma Historical Society’s ALAN C. LIDDLE AWARD recognizes individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to the preservation of Tacoma’s historic structures.

Alan C. Liddle (1922-2009) was a highly regarded architect who provided a strong voice for the arts and for historic preservation in his native city.

The award was established in 2007. Inaugural recipients Alan C. Liddle and Patricia Sias were announced at the 2008 Annual Meeting on April 14, 2008.

Knights of Pythias, Commencement Lodge No. 7 is the 2017 Alan C. Liddle Award Recipient.

Other winners are

 Robert W. Evans (2009)

 Linda Bowman and Kathryn VanWagenen (2010)

 L.T. Murray Jr. (2011)
August Gene Grulich (2012)
Dawn Lucien, James E. Hoard
and Dennis Flannigan (2013)
Robert Schuler (2014)
David Burns (2015)
James R. Merritt (2016)


When it is deemed appropriate, Tacoma Historical Society recognizes
notable accomplishments with its Star of Destiny Award


Digestive Health Specialists for achievement in promoting local history (by displaying historic Tacoma photos)

Timothy Pinckney for rescuing artifacts from the historic Luzon Building, lamentably demolished in 2009


Ron Karabaich for his many contributions to the society and the cause of local history


Recognizing a lifetime of promoting sports events for the benefit of all Tacoma

Stan Naccarato and Doug McArthur


Recognizing the Hon. Norm Dicks, for legislative achievement in behalf of Pierce County


Certificate of Achievement

J.N. Nerheim for painstakingly documenting the history of Tacoma's Old Town and its lumber mills


Recognizing Ken Still for a remarkable career as a professional golfer and his role as an ambassador for his native city.


 Recognizing Patty Rose for her unwavering commitment to the dignity and welfare of the working men and women of Tacoma and Pierce County.


Recognizing Michael Cohen for his vision and steadfast perseverance in transforming one of the most toxic waste sites in the country into the extraordinary urban village that is Point Ruston.

Recognizing Karen Larkin for her years of exceptional  public service for the City of Tacoma and for her leadership in the transformation and cleanup of the polluted Foss Waterway.

The Star of Destiny – 120 statements about Tacoma's advantages – was created by developer Allen C. Mason (1855-1920) and designed by engineer L.A. Nicholson, Mason used the Star of Destiny in newspaper advertising around the country.

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