Schools of Old Tacoma : Postcards of Tacoma Schools in the Early 20th Century
Aquinas Academy, Tacoma, Wash.
Aquinas Academy
A postcard of Aquinas Academy, Tacoma, undated, which appears to be the same building as the Aquinas Academy in another postcard.

Sisters of the Dominican order founded Aquinas Academy, a Catholic girls high school, in 1893. The building shown in this postcard view was located at 1112 No. G St. It was used from 1899 until it was demolished in phases in 1930 and 1955, making way for a new building, where classes opened in 1957. Aquinas Academy was consolidated with St. Leo High School and Bellarmine Preparatory School in September 1974. St. Patrick's School now occupies the Aquinas facilities.

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